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Essential Oil Roll Ons Gift Set

Essential Oil Roll Ons Gift Set

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This set includes four of Irene Organics' Essential Oil Roll On blends:

  • Sleepy Time: This product features a blend of therapeutic grade lavender and chamomile organic essential oils, scientifically formulated to promote a calm and relaxed state before bedtime.
  • Happy Time: This essential oil roll on gift set contains a blend of therapeutic grade wild orange and vanilla organic oils, providing natural benefits for boosting mood and energy levels when feeling fatigued or down.
  • Anti-Nausea: This therapeutic blend contains only high-quality, organic ginger essential oils, known for their natural relief of nausea.
  • Cough & Cold: This therapeutic blend of eucalyptus radiata essential oils, can aid with cough and congestion.

Size: 10 mL each

Safe for babies, children, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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